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Many of you have already been following me on Twitter or on another website, but it is time to start a new adventure in life and I am starting up a new website. This website is dedicated to Gonzaga Basketball, in particular Gonzaga Basketball recruiting. 

I wanted to give a big shout out to Zag nation! We raised $2570 for the local food banks and toys for kids in need that will be matched dollar for dollar!! And now the winner of the raffle is Brandon S. Thank you to each and every one of you who donated!!

2021-2022 Gonzaga Basketball Schedule and Results

Gonzaga vs Tarleton (Who??) -- November 29th, 2021

Recap -- I am very happy I could not get this to stream last night. Recap over! 

Gonzaga Player of the Game -- Didn't get to watch, but saw my boy Rasir Bolton had a good game with 17 points and also Julian Strawther was great on the borads. 

Gonzaga vs Duke -- November 26th, 2021

Recap -- Well this one was tough to watch, as we looked like we were tired and just not into the game at all on the defensive end. We reached in and made a lot of ticky tack fouls. Our perimeter defense just got smoked. Duke played well and is currently one of the best teams in the country, but with all that said we played to our floor against Duke and still only lost a one possession game. Matter fact the game is tied if the luckiest shot of the year didn't go in on a straight away 3 pointer, like seriously that shot was so ugly in every way except falling in. Good news is 9 times out of 10 we will be Duke, so I can't wait to see them in April!

Gonzaga Player of the Game -- if it was the nearly Gonzaga player of the game it would be Paolo Banchero, but he decided to go to Duke instead of staying in-state. That said I was really impressed with Julian Strawther in this one, he was good on the offensive end and great rebounding the ball. He is going to end up one of the leading scorers on the team this year and if he can hold his own on the defensive end and rebound we will be in a great place come April!

Gonzaga vs UCLA — November 23rd, 2021

Recap — WOW! From start to finish it was a clinic! The Defense is insane, everyone talks about Chet inside and the blocks, but how about the on ball defense. Yes Chet’s holding down the lane allows the guards to be super aggressive, it’s great team defense all the way around! Bolton and Nembhard have this veteran presence that keep this time focused, Timme is the hype guy, Chet is the phenomenon, Julian is stroking it from 3 right now, Nolan is a stud on both ends of the court, Anton is a quiet presence that changes the game. This team is loaded. On to Duke!!

CaldwellZag’s Gonzaga Player of the Game — I am going with Co-Players of the game tonight as both Andrew Nembhard and Chet Holmgren deserve it! Nembhard is hands down the best point guard in the country and showed it last night, he literally makes the right read every single play! Chet is the unicorn, phenom diaper dandy who can change the game on both ends of the floor. The block and coast to coast dunk is a play or the year type play. 

Gonzaga vs Central Michigan— November 22nd, 2021

I was fly fishing and did not see the game, but looking over everything it was exactly why it should have been.

Gonzaga verse Bellarmine — November 19th, 2021

Recap — On to Vegas! This game had a lot to like good defense, the offense looked smooth, 3 point shooting, and a Hunter Sallis highlight! Tonight was exactly what it was meant to be a tune up for the next few weeks. Great game now let’s go to Vegas!

Gonzaga Player of the Game — This one was hard pretty much every starter, minus my guy, could be on here and a few of the young guys could as well. I am giving the player of the game to Drew Timme for one reason, last night he scored his 1000 point as a Zag! Great job Drew! Chet and Julian were both in the running as they continue to play well and Andrew runs this team so well! Zags got dudes!

Gonzaga verse Alcorn St -- November 16th, 2021

Recap -- A nice tune up game for Vegas (one more still to come). Not much to say that you haven't heard yet, but I was happy to see Hunter Sallis and Nolan Hickman get 25 minutes each. They need to get these game situations in against the cupcakes of the world, so when UCLA and Duke come a knocking they are ready. Both played well at times and both made freshman mistakes at times (same for Chet Holmgren). Ben Gregg played a great game in his 12 minutes, which could have been more but we needed to get Chet some more minutes and offensive production after Texas. And by now any of you who watched the game are asking yourself why has Caldwell not mentioned Julian Strawther, well see below. Last thing for the recap is tonight it was great for Andrew Nembhard and Rasir Bolton to get a little breather, as they both played significantly less than their season averages so far. Now that being said Rasir Bolton is a stud and it wouldn't be a write up unless I talked about him. Rasir is only shooting 62% from the field this year and if that's not good enough for you he is 67% from 3 point range (crazy to think a 1-2 night lowered his average here).  All aboard the Rasir Bolton hype train!!!

Caldwell's Gonzaga Player of the Game -- None other than Julian Strawther. I was shocked how Julian played against Texas and was really a non-factor. Well tonight he showed why the staff has been so high on him since he showed up to be the heir apparent to Corey Kispert. Julian can flat out score and his three point shooting was money tonight. If he continues to be this efficient on the offensive end for the next month he will be talked about as much as Drew and Chet in the national media.

Gonzaga verse Texas -- November 13th, 2021

Recap — Domination! Need any more? The defense is better than I ever imagined. Offense just put up 86 on Chris Beard. And guess what our young kids didn’t even have an impact on the offensive end. The ceiling for this team is very high! 

Caldwell’s Gonzaga player of the game??? Really it was harder than you would guess as I am driving the Rasir Bolton train right now. He is so fast, can shot, play defense, create, etc. But the player of the game is no doubt Mr. Drew Timme. He was unstoppable and I think Texas gave the rest of college basketball to game plan to get blown out by the Zags, don’t double Timme. Once you double Timme then Chet will get his open shot and have bigger offensive nights. Teams are going to have a hard time figuring out how to guard the Zags this year!!

Gonzaga verse Dixie St. -- November 9th, 2021

97-63 Gonzaga Win 

Recap -- Game 1 is in the books and there is a lot to like and a lot to not like. The good is our defense looks to be improved from last year. Chet Holmgren single handedly changes our interior defense. Anton Watson looks like a man on a mission on the defensive end of the court! Rasir Bolton is someone who I have been talking about since he signed, he is going to be a bigger factor than most people have thought leading up to the season. The bad and we will keep it short is the 3 point shooting... Next up Texas!

Caldwell's Gonzaga player of the game -- Rasir Bolton. Yes I am picking Bolton over Holmgren for this one, but both deserve it! The reason I went with Bolton over Holmgren is due to 3 point shooting. Both guys had a great Gonzaga debut and I look forward to watching both against Texas!

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